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Working at summer camp is a big commitment and here at GreatCampJobs we want to do our best to provide you with as much information as possible before you apply. If you have any additional questions, to contact us please send us an email or call 800-562-0737.

How old do I need to be to work at camp?

We prefer to hire staff who are at least 18 years of age. We give priority for counselor positions to college graduates, and we hire current college students as well. Support Staff must be at least 18, and many are 21 and older.

Do my references all need to come from employers?

You can use a variety of references. A Teacher, Professor, Pastor, Employer, or Volunteer Supervisor can serve as an excellent reference. Please do not use a relative, close friend or family friend.

What kind of experience do I need to apply?

We have many different positions at camp. Some require more experience than others. For example, Gymnastics, Boat Driving, Horseback Riding, and Sailing are areas where prior experience is necessary. We prefer to hire counselor staff who have a specific skill, whether athletic or artistic. However, we also hire many counselors who have experience and love to work with children, whether it be teaching, babysitting or coaching.

Does an in-person interview increase my chances of being hired?

Yes. We always prefer to meet applicants in person. Many of us travel to various campuses around the country or send representatives to those campuses, as well as internationally. We encourage you to contact us to see if we will be in your area. We also conduct phone/video interviews after we have screened applications and references.

Can I bring my pet with me to camp?

No. Summer staff may not bring pets to camp.

Do I need any special certifications to work at camp?

Our nurses are required to have an RN, LPN, or PA. Waterfront and Pool staff are required to have Lifeguard Certification (or the international equivalent such as Bronze Medallion) and or Water Safety Instructor (WSI). Absence of certification does not preclude you from applying, but we prefer applicants who already possess the necessary certifications. Certain camps also require archery and outdoors certifications such as Wilderness First Aid. We provide certification opportunities at camp but prefer applicants who already possess the necessary certifications.

Where do I live at camp?

Counselors live in the cabins with the campers. Support staff members live with other support staff in cabins around the camp property. Program heads and office staff typically have private or semi-private housing. Housing is clean and comfortable. Storage is limited. All cabins have bathrooms and electricity.

Do I get any time off while working at camp?

Each staff member is assigned one full day off each week. At some camps, days off cannot be taken during the first and last weeks of camp. Staff also have most nights off, and most staff have a period off during the day as well. Since we are resident facilities, the safety and supervision of our campers always comes first when we assign time off. We will work with you where we can on your time off, but we are limited to the number of special requests that we can manage. Support and specialty staff may have some extra time off during the day depending on your assignment.

Can I leave camp during the summer to attend a wedding or other important event?

We will make every effort to accommodate such a request if it is brought to our attention when you apply for the position. However, we cannot accommodate such requests if they are made after arrival at camp.

When do I get paid?

Staff can generally receive advances against their overall pay every two weeks. The balance of your pay is paid at the end of the summer. Most camps also provide for a completion bonus which is paid at the end of the summer. There is no need to have money at camp, except for days and nights off. All your meals are provided for, and time off is limited, so you won't be spending much.

Where do I do laundry?

Laundry service for both campers and staff is provided 1 time per week. You may also do your own laundry at a nearby laundromat on evenings or days off. A few of our camps have their own laundry facilities that can be used by staff at off hours.

Do I need a car?

No. A car is not a necessity. Often camps provide transportation for staff trips into town or to local attractions on days off. You can usually get a ride with fellow staffers.

Can I bring a car to camp?

Yes. While some camps offer staff transportation, some people find it helpful to have a personal vehicle to take to town at night or to use on days off. Camps provide staff parking. We ask you not to lend your car if you do bring one to camp.

Will I have access to email?

Every camp has a staff lounge with computers that staff can to check and send e-mail. Some camps even have wireless service in the central office and/or staff lounges.

Can I bring and use my cell phone? If my cell phone does not work, can I still make phone calls?

Cell phones can only be used in the staff lounge during time off. Staff are not allowed to walk around camp with their cell phones. Cell phones are kept in the staff cabins or staff lounges. Campers are not allowed to have cell phones, and staff collect any camper cell phones that they find. Cell phone coverage varies based on your carrier and the remoteness of your camp's location. Many camps are in the mountains where coverage is spotty. Staff will have access to telephones in the office and/or staff lounge for personal calls during off hours. Staff can purchase discounted phone cards to use to make calls.

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